Delivery Terms


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  1. Delivery of the Customer’s container will usually take place Monday to Friday between 06:30am ‑ 18:30pm. It may occasionally be later or earlier on in the day.  Delivery may take place over a weekend or bank holiday if availability and driver’s hours permit.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the site is accessible for the driver.
  2. Delivery vehicles can range in size from up to 10ft to 65ft in length, up to 10ft in width and up to 14ft in height. A large vehicle may be sent regardless of the size of the container the Customer is having delivered; therefore, the Customer’s site must be prepared for the largest vehicles, 65ft in length, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
  3. Where container delivery is described as ‘delivery only’, it is the Customer’s responsibility to off-load the container. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the plant being used for off-load is fit for purpose and safe, and that the personnel utilised are fully trained and competent.  If concerns are raised by the delivery driver relating to the container off-load, the Customer must stop and the driver will return the container to the applicable depot.  The delivery cost and return will be invoiced to the Customer in this situation (including any ancillary charges such as gate fees and so forth).  Any damage caused by the Customer to the delivery vehicle or any equipment as a result off-loading will be invoiced in full to the Customer and any invoice under this paragraph will be payable immediately.
  4. Safety is the Supplier’s priority when moving shipping containers on site so the Customer must ensure that the area is as clear as possible of personnel and any obstructions prior to the arrival of the driver.
  5. The Supplier uses a wide range of delivery contractors who have many specifications of vehicles with different capabilities, therefore, if the Customer has had a container before, either from the Supplier or from another source, please do not automatically assume that the vehicle will have the same capabilities and be able to perform a similar delivery. Any decisions relating to the ability to deliver a container are wholly a matter for the delivery driver on site – and their decision is final.
  6. Containers and cabins should be sited on hard-standing, level grounds. The Supplier’s hauliers will need to park parallel to where the container will be off-loaded.  The area must be free of obstacles and impositions; this includes over hanging trees, over head cables, grass or soft ground, hedges, walls etc.  The Supplier will also need to be made aware of any specific site access or opening times.
  7. If the Customer has any concerns about accessibility, please complete and return the Supplier’s delivery questionnaire at least 5 Business Days prior to your delivery.
  8. If, when the Supplier arrives at the delivery location that the Customer has provided, it transpires that the container is to be sited at a different location from that specified in the Order Acceptance, the Supplier’s haulage contractor may elect to abort the delivery (in which case the charges set out in paragraph 3 will be invoiced to the Customer) or may charge the Supplier extra. Any such extra charges will be invoiced to the Customer plus a 15% administration charge, such invoices are payable immediately upon receipt.
  9. All delivery dates and times are the Supplier’s reasonable estimate, based on the information received from the Supplier’s haulier. The Supplier may not be able to contact the Customer’s driver whilst he is driving for an accurate ETA.
  10. If the Customer requires a specific delivery date and time, please do let the Supplier know and the Supplier will seek to accommodate this wish. However, such date/time will only be fixed where it is listed as “Fixed Date” and/or “Fixed Time” in the Order Acceptance.
  11. The Supplier’s hauliers provide a swift and efficient service and with this are allocated 30 minutes to arrive on site and off-load the container. If the Supplier’s driver is on site for any longer without prior agreement, the extra time will be invoiced to the Customer at £65 per hour (or part-hour) + VAT.
  12. If the delivery site has insufficient access or the Supplier is unable to deliver as a result of delay, postponement or cancellation (or any failure by the Customer to meet its contractual obligations), the Customer will be invoiced for the initial delivery costs plus the return journey to depot. If the Customer’s container has been modified in any way or custom built, the Customer will also be liable for the cost of any modifications or build costs if rearrangement of delivery is not possible.  If delivery is re-arranged the Customer will be liable for storage costs and the re-delivery of the container. In each case, the sums due will become payable immediately upon issue of the applicable invoice by the Supplier.
  13. Connection and disconnection of main services on site is the Customer’s responsibility.
  14. If the products have to be delivered to an alternative location other than that detailed on the order acceptance, the Supplier will try and accommodate this request. If delivery takes place to an alternative location, costs relating to the extra time to deliver will be passed on to the Customer at a rate of £65 per hour + VAT. This is in addition to the additional charges set out in paragraph 8 above.  If the Supplier is unable to deliver to the alternative location, the Customer will be liable for the journey to site and the return of the container to depot.
  15. If the Customer wants to re-schedule or cancel a delivery, they must contact the Supplier in writing as soon as possible. The Supplier will then confirm in writing if this is possible and any associated costs including, if relevant, the return of the container to depot and associated depot costs.
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