10ft container modified to workshop Buckinghamshire door opening

Door types for 10ft used containers

10ft used containers are cut down from larger units. Due to this process, the door and front wall
specifications can vary which means we can supply and install different types of steel doors.

When a 10ft container is made, we usually cut down a 40ft container into four 10ft sections. This
process means that we are left with one container with the original corrugated front wall, two open
ended containers (tubes) and one container with the original cargo doors.

The next step in making up the units is to fit the missing walls or doors. The usual specification for
used 10ft containers is to fit new flat panel (or easy open) double doors, a flat front wall if using the
tube section, a fitted steel lockbox and to repaint the container to green or blue. The container
would also be fitted with lifting eyes to site the unit with a hi-ab or other crane. Due to the nature of
how these units are made, they will not have forklift pockets.

Alternatively, we can fit the following door types to used 10ft containers;

  • Single personnel doors
    o We recommend using single personnel doors if the container is going to be used for
    storing smaller items and will be accessed regularly by various people. These are
    also ideal if the container will be used as an office or workspace. The standard single
    door size is 910mm wide x 2065mm high.
  • Double personnel doors
    o This door type is perfect for easy opening and regular use when storing larger items
    or if DDA compliance is required (please let us know if this is the case to ensure the
    appropriate threshold is fitted). Double personnel doors can be supplied with an
    equal or unequal split.
  • Original cargo doors
    o We recommend retaining the original cargo doors when security is top priority. Not
    only do original cargo doors look secure, their four locking rods along with a fitted
    steel lockbox means that there can be up to five points to fit padlocks. Cargo doors
    can be heavy and difficult to manage depending on the operators’ abilities.
  • Flat panel double doors
    o These doors are fitted as standard with a steel security lockbox. They are the most
    cost-effective option to secure, easy opening access. The doors are considerably
    lighter than the original cargo doors so easier for various people to operate.
  • Roller shutter doors
    o Roller shutter doors give massive flexibility with what the container can be used for
    and where. If space is tight on site, a roller shutter might be the perfect option to
    negate the need for extra space to open two 4ft doors. They can be supplied as
    electrical or manual with the roller shutter housing positioned internally or
    externally. Roller shutters are available in a different sizes to suit the units size and

The tube sections of the unit could also be made into a tunnel container, with doors either end.
These are commonly used when the container will be used as a walkway or housing for a turnstile.

Contact our team today to discuss your container requirements, we are happy to give advice and
pricing for various container projects – 0330 321 3380.

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