New 40ft High Cube Shipping Containers for Sale

New 20ft or 6 metre High Cube containers are a popular container, their size can be compared roughly to a single garage so they have plenty of room! 20ft High Cube containers can be used for storage or shipping and are available anywhere in the UK. New 20ft steel high cube containers provide an extra foot of height for those oversized items.



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New 40 foot High Cube Shipping & Storage Containers for Sale – UK Delivery

40ft New High Cube Storage Container for sale UK BlueNew 40ft High Cube Shipping containers are our largest standard sized container.  The 40ft or 12 metre length means this steel structure really is generous for space! As a high cube option this 40ft steel container provides an extra foot in height for those oversized items, the cost difference between a standard and a high cube 40ft container is minimal.

New 40ft High Cube Storage Container – Wide Range of Uses

We provide a lot of 40ft high cube containers to industrial businesses, home movers, and as building blocks for container conversions and projects. Whether you select a new or a used 40ft high cube shipping container, you can be reassured that you will be receiving a product that is robust, weather proof and long-lasting.

New 40ft High Cube Container Modifications

​Remember that 3J can tailor your 40ft high cube container so that it suits your container needs perfectly, we recommend a high security lockbox and padlock as standard, however, just let us know if any of these items may be useful;

  • Container shelving
  • 40ft New High Cube Containers Birmingham UK GreenA container loading ramp
  • Paintwork – For aesthetics, protection or branding
  • Grafo-Therm anti-condensation ceiling treatment
  • Ply lining and insulation
  • Lighting
  • Electrics Pack – Including lighting, heating and power points
  • Extra cargo doors
  • Anti-vandal heavy duty personnel door
  • Anti-vandal heavy duty window and shutters

New 40ft High Cube Container Dimensions

​External 40ft Container Length
External 40ft Container Width
External 40ft Container Height
2,591mm (2,896mm for high cube)
​Internal 40ft Container Length
Internal 40ft Container Width
Internal 40ft Container Height
2,395mm (2,700mm for high cube)
Max 40ft Container Gross Weight
40ft Container Tare Weight
40ft Container Payload
3,630kgs (3,780kgs for high cube)
26,700kgs (28,120kgs for high cube)
40ft Container Cubic Capacity
40ft Container Door Opening Width
40ft Container Door Opening Height
67.8 cubic metres
​(76.4 cubic metres for high cube)
2,280mm (2,585mm for high cube)


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