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The Solution to Preventing Condensation in Shipping Containers

Condensation is a common but easily solvable problem with shipping containers. It does not matter
what you are storing inside or if the container is fully wind and watertight, moisture will find a way
in. This can happen if you have loaded your container during heavy rain, walked wet boots in and
out regularly or simply loaded equipment containing water.

Condensation occurs in shipping containers when the warm air inside meets the cold surface of the
corten steel walls. The outside walls are usually colder than the dew point of the moist air inside,
thus causing condensation to form and the container to “sweat”. You can see the same process
happening when you breath on a cold window and it steams up, or when you have used the shower
and the warm damp air meets the window and causes it to drip. The problem with having moisture
in your shipping container is that it will make your stored items damp which could cause damage or
lead to problems with rotting and mould.

Shipping container condensation can easily be solved by adding a coating of Grafo-Therm to the
container ceiling. Grafo-Therm is an anti-condensation treatment which is sprayed on leaving a
textured white finish. This product has passed the condensation control method using the British
testing method “Ministry of supply SSF B111”. A 1.5mm thickness of Grafo-Therm can absorb and
control against dripping condensation of up to 1.0 litres moisture per m². Our mobile team attend
sites throughout the UK to treat single or multiple containers in a day. The Grafo-Therm is applied to
the full container ceiling and around 4 inches down the container walls.

Not only does Grafo-Therm protect against condensation, but it also protects against corrosion,
prevents mould and gives a clean finish.

Grafo-Therm can also be used in garages at home, warehouses and on canopies.

If you’re having problems with condensation or want to be sure to protect your stored items from
damp, contact our team today on 0330 321 3380 or email for a free quote.

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